For a Greater Purpose (Book Review)

In Zip Rzeppa’s autobiography, For a Greater Purpose, we witness strong family bonds and the pain of familial change; athleticism and physical ailments; career advancements and disappointments; romance and heartbreak; and deep, loving spirituality to which there is no flip-side, for it is the ultimate fulfillment. Zip Rzeppa’s life journey tale inspires. He shows his readers how openness to God’s graces can create a beautiful life portrait! A great read that may help the reader find his own purpose in life.


Local Book Signings! Legendary Locals of St. Charles by Don and Dianna Graveman

Legendary Locals of St. Charles by Don and Dianna Graveman
Legendary Locals
You are invited to attend upcoming book signings by local authors, Don and Dianna Graveman.


Saturday, March 26th:
2:00 to 4:00 PM
Main Street Books, 103 South Main Street, St. Charles, MO

Saturday, April 2nd:
1:00 to 3:00

Coffee House Mornings

Coffee House Morning
DYM 2016

I don’t know about you, but a coffee-house-kind-of-morning five to six times a year helps keep my writer’s heart alive. Typically, at our CWStL meetings, we start with some hellos (and hugs), a few minutes of prayer, and catching up on “business” (contests, conferences, and other news and notifications). Then we share what we’ve been reading and writing and discuss many other topics, always centered in our identity as Catholic artists.

So, thank you, fellow CWStL members for sharing your Faith, struggles, accomplishments, minds, and hearts with our group, and for helping me personally persevere in the writing aspects of my world!

Book Signing this Saturday!

“Product Description

  • Blessed Are The Stressed: Secrets to a Happy Heart from a Crabby Mystic
  • Down-to-earth style coupled with wisdom and wit
  • Reflections on each beatitude leading to a new and deeper understanding
  • Thought-provoking questions to help readers make honest life applications


Why does the search for happiness feel so elusive–just beyond our reach? How can we find true happiness in our often complicated and stressful lives? Let the crabby mystic show you how blessed are the stressed, grouchy, and grumpy-for they too can learn the secrets of a happy heart! We can be our true selves and follow Jesus in the world today.

Blessed Are the Stressed can help you find the opportunities for deeper happiness that lurk all around you. Best-selling author Sr. Mary Lea Hill helps you delve deeper into the beatitudes, our special passageways to joy, and unlocks their secrets for a happy life. You will find yourself smiling, if not laughing out loud, at her unique insights into the would-be blessings hidden in the ups and downs of everyday life.

Down-to-earth and insightful, this latest volume from the author of Prayer and You: Wit and Wisdom from a Crabby Mystic can take you farther along the path of being more whole and holy, despite yourself!” (The Catholic Company)


CATHOLIC GIFTS AND BOOKS invites you to come by and meet Sister Mary Lee Hill on Saturday, February 20th between 11 am and 1 pm.

Sister Lea will share insights from her latest book, a collection of short, down to earth and insightful essays that explore the beatitudes as special passageways to joy and the secret for a happy life. With her signature dry wit and offbeat wisdom. Sister Lea will take you farther along the path of being more whole and holy despite yourself.

If you are unable to attend and would like a signed copy, please call 314-469-6700 and we will reserve your copy for you!


The Center for Faith and Culture at Aquinas College in Nashville, Tennessee invites publishers of Christian fiction to submit titles for the Aquinas Award for fiction.

Any title published since January 1st 2015 qualifies.

Deadline for receipt of all titles is July 1st 2016.

The award will be presented at a conference at Aquinas College on Saturday, September 17, 2015.

Apart from the specially designed plaque, a cash award of $1,000 will be presented to the winning author.

The entries will be judged by a panel of five independent judges appointed by Joseph Pearce, Director of the Center for Faith and Culture. Professor Pearce will not be one of the judges and will have no say in the final decision.

Books should be sent to Joseph Pearce, Director of the Center for Faith and Culture, Aquinas College, 4210 Harding Pike, Nashville, Tennessee 37205.

Read more here! Contest Info.

Little Lamb Finds Christmas (A Book Review)

Cathy Gilmore’s newly released children’s book Little Lamb Finds Christmas touches the heart and helps children (and adults) focus on the deepest meaning of Christmas.

Following Lemi, the “little lamb,” through his troubles, the reader witnesses moments of physical challenges, loneliness, fear, and confusion. However, the story beautifully counters these troubles with strength, companionship, faith, and miracles. As Gilmore has said, “Lemi is an ‘everylamb’ like all of us.” We struggle again and again in countless ways, but through it all Jesus is our “forever Shepherd,” and we “belong to a King”!

Illustrator Kim Wilson delivers a visual feast with her display of realistic images, texture, and color.  Her artwork mirrors the unique mixture of simplicity and depth of Faith. My favorite image is when Lemi bleats a “soft hello to the little King”…the hay beneath Jesus is dry, scratchy, and harsh, but He is comfortable in his soft swaddling cloths and so close to Lemi’s soft, warm fleece.

Little Lamb Finds Christmas is available from, Barnes and, and Catholic bookstores.

Check Cathy Gilmore’s website for a calendar of events and how to get free downloads of songs and activities.

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