A Catalyst for Catholic Writing

With a vision to create synergy among local and regional Catholic authors, Denise Montgomery founded the Catholic Writer’s of St. Louis Group. This effort to share information and encouragement provided networking and friendship opportunities for us fellow Catholic “word nerds.” As her responsibilities with homeschooling and with the formation of the St. Stephen Speech and Debate Club grew, Denise needed to step away from leadership of CWSTL. She was preparing to just dissolve the group and remove the website. I asked her if I could try to take the baton and carry it on in some manner. I knew my time would be extraordinarily limited,  but felt that this link among Catholic authors was worth whatever small steps I could offer to maintain it. In that spirit, I’m here to plant 3 tiny seeds and we can see what grows.

Seed #1:  The Catholic Writer’s Guild Live Conference 

With this conference being as close as Chicago, it is an opportunity you may seriously want to consider. Click on the link and get all the details. It is not too late to sign up. It is such a tremendous chance to gain insights to improve your craft, and to establish your platform using modern marketing mechanisms. Networking with authors at all stages of the writing journey, some highly established and others just emerging, is a rare and precious moment of community for we, often solitary, author types. The theme is The Catholic Imagination…something very dear to my heart. Perhaps yours too? I’ll be there and I’d love to hang out with you. If you can’t make it to the conference, I encourage you to be an active member of the Guild and join the Guild’s fun and informative Facebook group. Check out the Guild website and see what you think.


Dandelion seeds on stemA little over a year and a half ago, God laid a task on my heart…to create a mechanism to enable the work of talented Catholic authors to be discovered and enjoyed by a more mainstream audience. To somehow maximize the power of faith and virtue-rich storytelling to gently evangelize hearts and effectively renew culture. Gradually this work is taking shape in the non-profit ministry of Virtue Works Media. Click the link above and get a look at the preliminary informational website. Click Virtue Works Media Sneak Peek to see a brief video that gives more depth to what the ministry will do. By creating a highly searchable on-line list of quality titles, VWM will make virtue the new standard in reading and entertainment. This fall I will be engaged in some full-throttle fundraising. Creating a Catholic hybrid of Goodreads and Common Sense Media is expensive. If you know someone of means who wants to make an effective Catholic difference in our often spiritually empty and morally misguided culture, please help me connect with them. Email me at CatherineCGilmore@outlook.com. Please also pray for this effort, for the sake of your own writing success and for the sake of the souls that will be blessed by our combined efforts.

Seed #3: Catholic Writers of STL

Trying to establish a ministry of the magnitude of Virtue Works Media is not possible without the help of many hands. One way you might be inspired to help is to take on the role of shepherding this little CWSTL group and blog. I did not want to just let it disappear, but it is obvious that I can not do it justice while I’m building the foundation for Virtue Works Media. Please get in touch with me if this is something you feel nudged by God to do. Otherwise, I will continue to allow it to rest a while, like Sleeping Beauty, awaiting the kiss from our beloved Lord to reawaken it.

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I’m Cathy Gilmore, local St. Louis author, editor, ministry founder and virtue advocate. I’m currently the humble guide for the Catholic Writers of St.Louis. You can find out more about me at http://www.CatherineCGilmore.com or follow me on Twitter @PowerofParable. I’m convinced that the Holy Spirit can use the power of virtue tucked in a story to renew the face of the earth.