New Book: Counting on Faith by CWStL Member Maurice Prater

“Counting on Faith is a scriptural counting book for children. Children will learn to count while learning their Catholic Faith because each number represents an important truth found in Scripture. Written to be enjoyed by the entire family, Counting on Faith will stir the soul and inspire the mind.”

About the author:

Maurice Prater has a Master in Business Administration Degree from Washington University in Saint Louis, and he has worked for the Catholic Church in the ministries of Communications and Development since 1999. Maurice is the Advancement Director for the Missionaries of the Holy Family, a religious order of Catholic priests and brothers. He was the in-house editor of the community’s Holy Family Prayer Book, which is published in English and Spanish by Liguori Publications. A member of the Catholic Writers Guild, Maurice is responsible for production of the Family Moment videos which air on the Eternal Word Television Network (EWTN).

Counting on Faith
Counting on Faith by Maurice Prater



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