No more donuts!

Ooh, these writing prompts (and these ones too) are kind of fun!

If you want something more challenging, though, make 3 lists:

1. location/setting

2. person/character

No more donuts

3. problem/situation (emotional, mental, physical predicament)

Randomly select a combination from your 3 lists…then set the timer and just write and write for 10 minutes. When your timer goes off, breathe a sigh of relief, and enjoy a hot cup of tea…but if you’re on a roll, keep going with your story.

An example…hmm… how about 1. location: a log cabin deck in the Appalachian mountains 2.person: a financial analyst 3. problem: no more donuts!



3 thoughts on “No more donuts!

  1. Maybe the analyst is on a psychiatrist-prescribed weeklong sabbatical from work. He packed his favorite groceries for the week at the log cabin. On day four, he sat on the back deck of the cabin, with a blanket around his shoulders, frozen in the newness of his situation. He realized that his usual breakfast was impossible. How could he possibly start his day with just his customary three ripe strawberries, his marketed-as-healthy packaged granola bar, and his hot cup of Costa Rican coffee (with one scoop of Stevia, two splashes of whole cream) without his two powdered sugar donuts? Without his routine, he was nothing…

  2. The local newspaper headline reads “No More Donuts.” Really, this is the extent of their problems! No murders? No corrupt mayor siphoning funds earmarked for a library expansion? No scandalous student/teacher relationships in the high school? Come on, not even a lost dog?

    I can’t take this sitting around reading a weekly Out-in-Nowhere Land, USA newsletter that dares to call itself a newspaper. I can’t stand this rhythmic squeak of this rocking chair. (But I cannot sit still.) I can’t sit here with the noise of these trees, the frogs, the pesky birds.

    Yet, I cannot go home. The rent. Dinners with aperitifs, appetizers, calories, more calories, some fat, then dessert.

    That last dessert when he told me. Why not over the phone? Why not in a text, for God’s sake? Why that tempting smile, that musky cologne I love, the siting so close, all the way until dessert? And why couldn’t I see it? I hate those boules de Berlin. I hate the raspberry filling! People should be celebrating “No More Donuts”…he even ruined that.

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