As a writer, what are your goals for 2014?

What are your goals for 2014? As a writer, you’ve probably scribbled down your goals, re-prioritized them many times already, revised the way you composed your goals, and reflected on and wondered what you accomplished as a writer in the past year…. I find that creating my resolutions is a project with its own (sometimes wild!) life.

Here are some basic suggestions to get you thinking about (and then maybe prioritizing) your writing life for 2014:

How about pulling out some of those “old” stories and finding a publishing home for them…it may be time to send those “babies” out into the real world of readers!

The 2014 Guidelines on how and when to submit your stories to Glimmer Train are here.

FamilyFiction announces their new “short short story” competition here.

Do you look forward to writing more often?

A post with great suggestions: The 3 Notebooks Every Writer Should Keep

Maybe you need support, encouragement, connections, and/or workshops: Attend a conference, workshop, or a writers’ retreat. For a list of 2014 gatherings, click here.

Let me know, what are your goals for this year?


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