Thank you, once again, Catholic Answers

I do not know about you, but I am no Bible scholar…nor do I know my Catechism line by line. Although I read and refer to both treasures frequently, I just do not have a mind for retaining enough specifics. (I am a woman, I generalize.) But, thanks again to the great team of faithful apologists at Catholic Answers, I have a handy, reliable, spiritually sound reference for one of the many common misunderstandings about our beautiful Church. (Because you cannot always argue your point with, “That is just the way I know it is, should be, and I have never desired to feel or think differently about it.”)

Tim Staples, a former Evangelical, is one of our leading apologists today. His recent article about using “Father” to address priests clearly, logically, and more than adequately addresses the issue that some non-Catholics have with us using this title. I hope you enjoy and learn from his article as much as I did: “Calling Priests ‘Father'”

Also, check out Staples’ book, Nuts & Bolts: A Practical, How-To Guide for Explaining and Defending the Catholic Faith.  “Step-by-step answers to 14 common arguments posed to Catholics on the divinity of Christ, the Eucharist, confession, means of salvation, and more. Packed with Scriptural evidence for Catholicism, this charitable book teaches you the basics of apologetics. This book is very effective because it shows how non-Catholics think, and it uses Scripture to provide powerful responses.”

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