Meeting: July 21, 2012

Opening Prayer:
St. Francis de Sales, Patron Saint of Writers 
May the Lord guide all those who write for a living. Through your prayers, St. Frances de Sales, we ask for your intercession as we attempt to bring the written word to the world. Let us pray that God takes us in the palm of His hand and inspires our creativity and inspires our success. St. Francis de Sales, you understand the dedication required in this profession. Pray for God to inspire and allow ideas to flow. In His name, let our words reflect our Faith for others to read. Amen.

Member update and guest speaker:
Mary Brockgreitens, Publicist/Marketing Specialist at Liguori Publications and CWStL member Maurice “Maury” Prater, Advancement Director, MBA, CFRE, Missionaries of the Holy Family. Mary will present a brief overview of the pre-press process and what is done regarding pre-release distribution and publicity.

Photo by Denise Y. Montgomery 2012

Conference Update for Catholic Writers’ Guild (CWG):
The Catholic Writers’ Conference will be August 29-31, 2012 – in Arlington Texas at the
Arlington Convention Center in conjunction with the Catholic Marketing Network Tradeshow.
This year’s conference will focus on “Writing and the New Evangelization.”
Contact: Ann Lewis, President of Catholic Writers’ Guild at and or at  317-755-2693

Jennifer Brinker:

Catholic wife, mother, and a reporter for the St. Louis Review.

* Open Discussion/ Member Updates/ Thoughts for Future Meetings/ Etc.

* Next Meeting: Saturday,  September 22, 2012/ St. Charles Coffee House/10:00 AM


2 thoughts on “Meeting: July 21, 2012

  1. Hi Denise,

    Yesterday’s meeting was wonderful!

    I took a lot of notes during Mary’s detailed insider’s peek into the Liguori Publishing process, and it was interesting to hear about Maury’s publishing journey.

    Jennifer and Sid from the St. Louis Review were great! Jennifer’s cozy conversation around the table with us was uplifting. I loved how she shared stories about some of the features she’s written and about being a Catholic writer. What an inspiration she is! And Sid did a great job taking photos of us all. Their passion about their jobs shined through!

    Thanks for your inspiring leadership, Denise!

    1. I am joyful to hear that you enjoyed and benefited from the presentation of information yesterday morning. I completely agree that the meeting was both informational and spiritually uplifting. Looking forward experiencing this group grow in size and deepen in relationships.

      Thank you for all your contributions and support, Donna! 🙂

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