Meeting: May 5, 2012

Catholic Writers of St. Louis                                                     
Saturday,  May 5, 2012
St. Charles Coffee House/10:00 AM

* Opening Prayer:
Reading from Matthew Kelly’s Rediscover Catholicism (p. 65-66)

* Conference Update for Catholic Writers’ Guild:
In August the “Catholic Writers’ Conference LIVE” (from CWG) will be in Arlington, Texas. The conference is still in the planning stages, but it looks like the CWG will be teaming up with SQPN’s New Media Conference to provide a unique, star-studded day on blogging! You can register early right here on the conference web site: The CWG is seeking volunteers for this conference!

* Non-fiction Critique Group News from the CWG:
The CWG is pleased to announce that Sister Marie Paul has agreed to start a critique group for non-fiction! Here’s a note from her: “We’re starting up a nonfiction critique group for CWG members who want to:
1) improve their writing by receiving constructive critiques
2) help other writers by offering encouraging and honest critiques
This group will focus exclusively on the wide range of nonfiction genres: informational books and articles, spirituality, self-help guides, biography, autobiography, etc., and may include books, articles, blog posts, etc.
Over the rest of April, we’ll brainstorm together the focus of the group (how we’d like to “meet”—forum, email, or voice such as Skype); how often we want to exchange our work; and any other support we’d like to offer each other. Simple guidelines for how to critique will be available as a starting point for those who have less experience critiquing others’ writing. To find out more or to join, please contact: CWG member SisterPaul (Sr. Marie Paul Curley) at”
There is a forum set up for this here. Please note that to see the forums, you must first log into the website. (Scroll down until you see the smiley on the left column. If it is blindfolded and says “Welcome, Anonymous,” you are not logged in.)  If you are interested, please contact her or post a comment in the forums.

* Book Covers & Book Trailers Discussion

* Dianna Graveman Speaking about Marketing Yourself as an Author
Visit Dianna on her websites at: and

* Next Meeting:   
Saturday,  July 21, 2012/ St. Charles Coffee House/10:00 AM

* Keep in touch via our website!
* find conferences, job opportunities, calls for submissions, author information, general writing industry and skill/art information, etc.
* (still) coming soon: links to members’ sites, other Catholic writing resources, etc.


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