Submission Guidelines for Catholic Digest

Catholic Digest is a subscription-based, print publication that publishes 9 times per year (January/February, March, April, May, June/July/August, September, October, November, December).

“We are a lifestyle magazine that encourages and supports Catholics in a variety of life stages and circumstances. Our writers speak with the authority of experience, but always with an encouraging and positive voice. We recognize the importance of beauty and use beauty and truth to inspire our readers, but we also recognize real-life limitations. None of us is perfect. We are real-life Catholics who care deeply about our faith and our family.

Queries submitted must be strongly focused on a definitive topic, and hold a national appeal. 

Features are approximately 1500 words on the following topics:


Ex: Personal Stories from Couples Who Overcame Obstacles, 10 Ways to Build Your Marriage, How to Talk to Your Man, Handling In-Laws, Fighting Fair, How to Talk So He Will Listen, What Every Man/Woman Wants, Marriage Pitfalls at Work, What He’s/She’s Really Saying

Practical Spirituality

Ex: When God Feels Far Away, Guide to Confession, About the Rosary, Finding Time for Daily Prayer, Lay Movements, Overcoming Tragedy, Eucharist, Adoration, Triumph Over Depression, Get More Out of the Mass, Learn About Divine Mercy, Unusual Patron Saints & Stories, Everyday Miracles


Ex: How to Talk to a DRE, Do You Volunteer Too Much? Creative Ways to Balance Work & Family, Modeling Service in Family Life, 12 Ways to Say “No”, How to Start A Women’s Group, Creative Ways to Support Your Priests, 13 Fun Fundraisers


Ex: Homework Helps, Raise Kids Without Raising Your Voice, Controlling Screen Time, What Are Your Kids Doing Online?, How to Handle a Bully, 6 Ways to Talk to Your Teen, Toddler Do’s and Don’ts, Kids Activities, How Much is Too Much? Guide to Kids’ Emotions, Age By Age Guide to Prayer, Helping Kids Through Grief, Discipline That Works, More Time for What Matters, Family Fun Nights


Ex: Celebrate Sacraments, Home-Grown Faith Field Trips, Helping Kids Through Divorce, Liturgical Year Activities for Grandparents & kids, Be a Better In-Law, Long Distance Grandparenting, Encouraging Vocations


Ex: Home Organization, Chore Wars, The Fine Art of Hospitality, Make DIY Do-able, 17 Budget Busters and How to Avoid Them, Dummies’ Guide to Investing, 30 Days to a Clean House, Go Green to Clean, Family Vacation Do’s an Don’ts, Holiday Celebrations & Family Gatherings, Plan a Perfect Party


Ex: Why We Need Girlfriends, More Time for You, How to Handle Stress, Get a Good Night’s Sleep, Are You a Complainer?, Know Your Personality Type, What’s Your Temperament?, Can Men and Women Be Friends? How to Handle Jealousy

Good Looks

Ex: Simple Style Guide, Look Lovely, 6 Ways to Flatter Your Face, Build a Basic Wardrobe, Holiday Style, Hair & Skin Care (at 30, 40, 50, 60+), New Looks for Fall, Best Picks for Your Body Type, What’s Your Fashion Personality?, Do Your Clothes Age You?

Features are approximately 1500 words and pay $500 upon publication. For this payment, your article may be published in any Catholic Digest publication, including but not limited to Catholic Digest and our website ( A copy of the issue will be sent to any author whose original work is published in Catholic Digest. We purchase first rights for original articles; we reserve the right to edit all work for length and content.

Other departments open to outside contributions:

Last Word

Back page, personal, inspirational, reflective essay where we feature high quality writing from a variety of Catholic writers Approximately 550-700 words. $500 upon publication.

Open Door

True, first-person stories (350-600 words) about an individual converting to the Catholic faith, or recovering the Catholic faith they had lost. Please include a photograph, usually a headshot, to accompany the story. Approximately 350-600 words. $100 on publication. Send to

Reader Letters

We love to hear from our readers and always welcome letters to the editor commenting on articles that have been run in the magazine. Only letters that relate to Catholic Digest will be considered for possible publication. Approximately 100-200 words. No payment. Send to

We do not accept fiction, poetry, academic papers, puzzles, cartoons, open letters, political or opinion pieces; book, music, or movie reviews; reprinted material. Please tell us if your submission is simultaneously sent to other publications.

Due to the large volume of submissions and our small staff, Catholic Digest regrets that it is no longer able to accept or acknowledge unsolicited submissions, or any submissions sent by post mail. Professional writers who have previously been published in other magazines or newspapers may send a query letter, along with 1 to 2 relevant published writing samples, to:

For feature assignments, we prefer queries that summarize your approach to the topic, telling us what sources you will use and what interviews you have planned. Make your idea stand out with a new take on a perennial topic. Tell us, specifically, what makes your take on the topic uniquely useful to Catholic Digest readers. Send to

For Last Word and Open Door, please submit completed manuscripts, copied into the body of the email (no attachments, please). Send to

Seasonal material should be submitted at least 4-5 months in advance.”


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