Congratulations, Donna Volkenannt!

Donna Volkenannt’s essay “Honey, Can I Borrow Your Garter Belt?” won first prize in the Erma Bombeck Humor Writing Contest. 
For winning, she will receive a cash award plus free admittance next month to the Erma Bombeck workshop, which is co-sponsored by the Washington Centerville Public Library of Dayton, OH, and the University of Dayton (Erma Bombeck’s alma mater).
Her winning essay will also be among those read during their Erma Bombeck Celebration at the library on April 18.  You can read Volkenannt’s essay’s here!
Volkenannt’s works have also appeared in more than 100 publications. Her short stories have been nominated for a Pushcart Prize and a Spur Award. You may get to know this author at her website Donna’s Book Pub.

2 thoughts on “Congratulations, Donna Volkenannt!

  1. Hi Denise,
    You are so sweet to mention me here. The shock has worn off a bit from last Thursday when I received the call that I had won, but it is still exciting.

  2. You are welcome, Donna. Your accomplishments are to be celebrated! You are very gifted and are a great example for members of the Catholic Writers of St. Louis. Keep us updated!

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